RAD 000: The Intro to Redefine the American Dream

This intro episode serves as the trailer for Redefine the American Dream as well as the backstory for me, Levi Hattervig. From this point forward episodes will consist of interview formats once weekly, and the last episode of the month will be a recap of all episodes from that month. Let’s be honest, we have all listened to a podcast where we found some great advice and we vowed to implement it in our lives. Then we finish the episode and a few days later the information has vanished. The “RAD Review” at the end of each month is designed to bring back key points from each interview. I will also give more of my own personal input on these topics. It is my goal to equip you with strategies, tips, and motivation as you begin your journey toward your American Dream. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Instagram: @levihattervig Website: redefinetheamericandream.com 

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