RAD 001 : How to Become a Lifeonaire with Steve Cook

In this interview my guest Steve Cook and I talk about his journey from failed businesses to living out his days as a Lifeonaire. Steve discusses how he developed an entrepreneur spirit at a young age. After graduating high school, Steve ventured into the difficult realm of owning restaurants. These businesses were unsuccessful, but Steve was not slowed for long. He then found real estate investing. Steve became an ultra-successful investor controlling millions of dollars in real estate, and he also taught other investors how to get started. Although he was successful and had a perfect life in many peoples’ eyes, his perspective was shifted. He sold some properties until he could pay off others and be debt free. This allowed for the freedom he desired to spend time with his family. This transition sparked the idea for his book “Lifeonaire”, a play on the word millionaire. (Find at https://amzn.to/2TxCpJt) Steve now spends his time helping others invest in real estate and achieve an abundant life via the Lifeonaire company. Find out more in this episode and at https://lifeonaire.com/. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Instagram: @levihattervig Website: redefinetheamericandream.com 

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