RAD 003 : How to Unlock Your Creativity with Robbie Jelsma Part 2

In this interview, my guest is Robbie Jelsma. This is part 2 of 2 episodes with Robbie. He is a painter and tattoo artist who has left the corporate world he once lived in to pursue a life on his terms. He bought his grandfather’s farm and is restoring it into what I am calling the “Jelsma Oasis”, while budgeting time to tattoo and paint. In this episode, we talk about the role parents play and how parents are often the first mentors we have in our lives. He talks about the difficulty of long-term goals for him, the impact we can make without ever knowing it, making the best of intentions, and much more. To catch Part 1 of with Robbie check out RAD 002. Tune in and find out more at https://www.portfolio51.com/ or @robbie_portfolio51. Instagram: @levihattervig Website: redefinetheamericandream.com 

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