RAD Review July 2020 : Steve Sprecher and Taff Roberts

This is the RAD Review July 2020 which will summarize each podcast from this month. In this episode Levi Hattervig speaks with a current member of the US Army National Guard, Sergeant Steve Sprecher. Steve has served as an enlisted member with the US Army National Guard for nearly 17 years and is preparing for his 4th deployment overseas. Steve and Levi discuss the benefits of joining the military and what some of the challenges are from a soldier’s perspective. Steve also discusses a great route to go to university for FREE and potentially even make money while without time intensive commitments.  If you would like to learn more about Steve you can connect with him on IG: @stevenjsprecher Levi also sits down with a Welsh immigrant, Hywel Taff Roberts. Taff has earned a reputation as an adventurer, lover of the Welsh language, and a success story by living within his version of the American Dream. The two speak about Taff’s favorite journeys, the 3 best pieces of advice he has ever received, and why to become a lifelong learner. If you would like to learn more about Taff you can connect with him on his website wildwalestours.com Don’t hesitate to reach to me as well! IG: @levihattervig Website: redefinetheamericandream.com 

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