RAD Review June 2020 : Robbie Jelsma, Aimee Carlson, and Jesse Paul Smith

In this RAD Review, Levi breaks down interviews with Robbie Jelsma, Aimee Carlson, and Jesse Paul Smith. Robbie Jelsma is an artist who has painted wall murals, cleats for NFL players, and is talented tattoo artist. Aimee Carlson is a lifetime entrepreneur who imparts wisdom of leadership and finding your purpose, following a successful career as a franchise owner and now as the Toxin Terminator. Jesse Paul Smith is a man who followed his dreams all the way to Hollywood, where he danced along side Justin Timberlake. He then transitioned to life as a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. If you would like to learn more, each guest has a full-length featured episode. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Instagram: @levihattervig Website: redefinetheamericandream.com 

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